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Call for papers

The following list of topics is not exhaustive and authors may propose other subjects in keeping within the thematic framework.

SD-WAN use cases

  • Future enterprise SD-WAN requirements
  • SD-WAN current pain points : Business and Technical
  • Use cases specific requirements (global enterprises, SMB, retail)
  • SD-WAN case studies
  • From vendors
  • From service providers
  • From enterprises
  • Cloud and hybrid use cases
  • Branch requirements - SD-WAN, LAN and WiFi
  • SD-WAN end-customer perspectives
  • SD-WAN TCO and ROI analysis with real-world examples
  • Cost effective support for the diverse enterprises requirements

SD-WAN state-of-deployment

  • Current architecture types and variations
  • Hybrid deployment success and challenges
  • SD-WAN and multi-cloud
  • MPLS and SD-WAN co-existence
  • Meeting SLA requirements
  • Role of private POPs and private networks
  • Scaling SD-WAN
  • Multi vendor SD-WAN in SPs and enterprises

Managed SD-WAN vs DIY

  • Opportunities for carriers
  • Enterprise preferences
  • When to go DIY
  • Open source options

Expansion of SD-WAN’s scope

  • SASE, security and networking convergence
  • SASE as a closed box and as an open box
  • Cloud, VMs, containers, Bare metals – Pros/Cons and decision points
  • SD-WAN and edge computing
  • IoT devices
  • Mobile users
  • Partner networks

SD-WAN platform trends

  • Hardware evolution - x86, ARM and other platforms
  • Role of the uCPE
  • Hardware acceleration needs
  • Is there a difference between HW platforms or is it all about price?

SD-WAN orchestration and management

  • VNF chaining vs built-in functions
  • MANO
  • Zero-touch provisioning
  • Importance of automation
  • Rise of co-management - who manages what

SD-WAN functions and capabilities

  • Application optimization - improved support for SaaS
  • Public cloud high-speed interconnects
  • Security functions : what should be bundled with SD-WAN, what shouldn’t be
  • Visibility, analytics and telemetry

SD-WAN and open-source

  • Close versus open architectures
  • Role of open-source
Abstracts must not exceed one page.

They may be submitted by email at: and


Deadline for turning in abstracts: June 30, 2020
Feedback from committee members: July 15, 2020